Aria Side Table

Diameter: 16" Height: 24" 









Craftsmanship and a focus on quality materials were of prime importance in the design of the Aria side table.  The trifurcation detailing on the top adds interest and sophistication to the piece.

Architectural Bronze combines stability, strength and longevity with an aesthetic appeal that gives a feeling of luxury and prestige.  The bronze pieces of the Aria are cut by hand then sanded, polished and waxed for a finished surface that will patina over time. 

Free from ugly hardware and fastenings, all pieces of the Aria are fastened by a system of notches to lock pieces in place along with a spring pin for permanent fastening.  

Temple Glass is meticulously crafted and polished by hand.  This hard work produces a highly durable, thick, milky-white, translucent glass that has an organic, luminous quality.  The glass has a very soft ‘hand feel’.  It is crafted from pure borosilicate glass.