In this pared down, yet welcoming space, the limestone flooring pattern is made even more prominent by the contrast with the simplicity of the kitchen cabinetry. The ceiling detail, “stacked and wrapped” counter units and breakfast table reflect the layering and sculpting throughout the home.
  Within its austere modern context, this family home is filled with warm and inviting spaces such as this breakfast nook tucked into the kitchen window area.
  Seen from the family room, this kitchen contributes to the inviting, cozy, family-oriented environment created within a pared down, modern context. The tight, regulated horizontal grained walnut of the cabinetry creates a warm grounding for the busiest room of the home.
   This room epitomizes the inviting, cozy, family-oriented environment created within a pared down, modern context. Its layering and sculpting includes seating and storage units tucked under the windows, below carefully planned bulkheads and a coffered ceiling and custom light fixture.
8a_Great Room_Detail.jpg
  This long-awaited, custom-designed dream home balances the couple’s love of pared down, austere, modern environments with their desire for an inviting, cozy, family-oriented environment. Bronzed mirror panels set into the dining room’s painted panel walls with ½ inch reveals, reflect the furnishings, art and playful pendant lights. Those highly reflective fixtures themselves create infinite layers of colour and shape, in which is actually a very simply finished room.
3_Stair with Skylight.jpg
4_Stair Detail.jpg
10_Master Bedroom.jpg
12_Powder Room.jpg
  One of the objectives for this long-awaited, custom-designed dream home was that it would suit all aspects of the family’s lifestyle. On the lower level, this indoor virtual golf simulator room was created for an avid golfer, but will easily transition to a home theatre as his young family grows.
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