What Our Client Say


Travel Inspired Home

“Jeffrey’s ability to draw his ideas and his vision in front of you is a very valuable skill…. I didn’t think that it was going to be as valuable as it has been. Because Jeffrey communicates on a very high creative level and we interpret on a very logical level. But if you can see it, you can debate and come up with something that we all agree is the best option. So, I think it’s an invaluable skill that we use over and over. ~ Bruce Poon Tip


Art Deco Inspired Home

“Your home should reflect you, your personality, the things you're interested in and the things you're comfortable with…. Your home should be your refuge. It should be an opportunity to decompress and relax. Working together that is what we achieved” ~ Carol Esbin

18_Den Night Shot.jpg


Contemporary Family Home

“We were looking for a great designer for our interiors and after speaking to several people, we decided on Jeffrey Douglas. Here we are today in our glorious home as Jeffrey has evolved into an exceptional designer and we're honored to be surrounded by his gracious designs.” ~ Marc Boyman


Rustic Modern Home

“To have someone be able to transform our ideas and our thoughts in the way we live and actually materialize them into something of beauty was wonderful for us… every single day I walk around my house and I still see the beauty in it” ~ Linda Wolfond